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The Future Has Arrived: AI Image Generation

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

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This is the stuff of science fiction: Computers generate realistic images all on their own. But believe it or not, this technology is no longer in the realm of fantasy. It is now a reality, and it's called "AI image generation."

In fact, all of the images in this blog post were created using AI! To help you better understand how it works, I have included a caption with the keywords and instructions that I used to create these original images, under each one.

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What is AI image generation?

In a nutshell, it gives us the ability to use computers to create images. This could include anything from photos to illustrations to 3D models. And while the technology is still in its early stages, it is rapidly evolving and growing more sophisticated every day. The possibilities for AI image generation are endless.

One of the most exciting things about AI image generation is that it has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we create visuals. For example, for those of us who work in tech, web design and graphic design. Traditionally, if you wanted to create an image, you would have to outsource or spend time doing it yourself. But with AI image generation, anyone can create an original image without any experience or knowledge.

How to create images using Jasper Art

To use Jasper Art, you need to sign up for their AI writing tool. If you don't know about this amazing writing tool yet you can read all about it here.

You will find Jasper Art, right there in your account. All you need to do is add some keywords and it will generate 4 images based on your input. It's as easy as that! The first few images that are generated might not be great, but there is a learning curve when it comes to your keywords and the instructions you give Jasper. The best thing is that there are no limits to the images you can generate, so you won't lose anything by experimenting with different keywords and inputs.

Examples of AI images

Here are some examples of AI images to give you a better idea of what this technology is capable of.

Here are all of the images that came up in the results

Jasper Art AI image creation tool

As you can see, AI image generation is capable of creating some pretty amazing images. And you are not just restricted to still photos either. This technology can also be used to create 3D models and illustrations.

For example, take a look at this incredible 3D model of a city that was created using AI:

Again, all 4 images that were generated by Jasper Art are shown below, you can see that some are really good, and others, are not so great.

Jasper Art AI image generation

But let's get more specific with this instruction, and change the input to include a specific city. The most famous skyline in the world has to be New York, so let's give Jasper that in the instructions and see what he comes up with:

As you can see, the potential for AI image generation is truly limitless. And we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what this technology is capable of.

The possibilities are endless! Take a look at these images I created covering a range of different styles.

In the future, AI image generation will only become more sophisticated and widespread. So it's definitely something to get in on early and start experimenting with now.

If you want to learn more about Jasper Art and AI image generation, then be sure to check out their website. They have lots of resources to help you get started.

So what do you think? Are you excited about the potential of AI image generation? Let me know in the comments below!

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