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Websites Designed for Small Charities

At NX Digital, we are proud to support your small registered charity by donating our time and skills to help you with your website.


Every month, we commit to working with a different charity, whether you need a new website designed, your existing website updated, or any other web design related work.


Currently, we donate our time only to small charities that use Wix as their website platform, but we may be able to consider others that use alternative website builders.


By providing these services free of charge, we hope to make a difference for small charities that are making a difference in the world.


If you are part of a registered charity that could benefit from our services, please get in touch. We will be happy to see how we can help you achieve your goals. Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place!

Read on below to find out the specifics...

How it works...

We pledge to volunteer our time and skills to small registered charities in the UK, we are not a charity ourselves nor are we a government-funded program.


We donate our time and skills to create, design and update websites for charities free of charge. we are unable to cover the costs of any additional charges associated with creating or running a website. If you are new to running or maintaining a website, we are happy to have an in depth chat with you so you can be fully aware of any additional costs that you may encounter.


You can request any website design work for us to undertake for your charity website. We will review your request and let you know if the level of work required is achievable within the time that we have available to donate.


In order to use our service, you should already have a Wix website with a premium plan activated or be prepared to commit to purchasing a Wix premium plan (If you use another website builder we may still be able to help, please specify in your enquiry).


You must be a registered charity in the UK and you must be able to provide proof of such, (for example your registered charity number).


Our mission is to help charities achieve their goals by providing them with high-quality websites that are easy to use and maintain.


Please contact us if you are a registered charity in the UK and would like help designing your website.

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What we can do for you...

  • Full website design

  • Website redesign & updating

  • Custom features & elements

  • Data processing systems

  • Data presentation systems

  • eCommerce stores & settings

  • Images & Content writing

  • Blog set up & Blog writing

  • & much more...

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Contact Us...

The following link takes you to an expression of interest form. Please provide as much detail as possible about your request.

We will be in touch within 7 working days.

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