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What is handleId and fieldType in Wix CSV Uploads: A Guide for Beginners

Updated: Feb 20

Are you struggling with uploading your product data to your Wix store via CSV? Understanding the significance of handleId and fieldType fields is without a doubt the most important aspect of creating a CSV for Wix. Let's dive deeper into what these terms mean and how to use them effectively.

For a comprehensive guide to Wix CSVs, read this blog post: The Ultimate Guide to Bulk Importing Products to Wix With a CSV

I'm going to be referring to the Rows and Columns of the CSV throughout this article, here's a quick rundown of each one:

  • Row: In a CSV, a row runs horizontally and represents a single Product or Variant.

  • Column: A column runs vertically, representing a specific attribute of the item.

How to use handleId: Your Product's Unique Identifier

The handleId in a Wix CSV file acts as a unique identifier for each product. Think of it as a digital fingerprint that differentiates one product from another within the data behind your online store.

This field allows you to use any alphanumeric value. While you could just generate a random string of letters or numbers, it is a good idea to create a naming structure that you can easily recognise and follow.

For instance, a product could be identified as `ABC123`, or if you have an existing Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) for a product, you could also use that for the handleId.

When I create the handleId I always follow the same structure:

{Initials of the business + a number in the order the products are created}.

For example: When creating a CSV for this website, it will start with NXD001, then NXD002 and so on.

The crucial aspect to remember is the uniqueness. No two Products should ever have the same handleId. Assigning the same identifier to more than one product will throw up an error when you try to upload your CSV to Wix, which will ultimately stop any of the products with that identifier from being uploaded to your store.

Now, I don't like to throw a spanner in the works, but there are situations where you will use the same handleId in more than one row, and that is when you start to add Variants.

Let's take a look at this in the next section, fieldType and learn how we can add variants for our products.


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How to use fieldType: Distinguishing Products and Variants

The fieldType column in your CSV is equally crucial. It specifies whether the item being uploaded is a standalone product or a variant of a product (like different sizes or colours).

Accurate spelling in this field is vital! it must be either Product or Variant with no deviations. Even minor errors, such as unintentional spaces, can disrupt the upload process. This field allows the Wix system to categorise and display your products correctly, enhancing user experience on your site.

Product vs. Variant: Which to use and when?

Each product and its variants are listed in separate rows. For instance, consider a T-shirt available in two colours (black and white) and two sizes (M and L). Your CSV will need to have:

  1. Product Row: The original T-shirt listing.

  2. Variant Row 1: T-shirt in Black, Size M.

  3. Variant Row 2: T-shirt in Black, Size L.

  4. Variant Row 3: T-shirt in White, Size M.

  5. Variant Row 4: T-shirt in White, Size L.

All variants will share the same handleId as the original product, ensuring they are recognised as related items. Each variant occupies its own row, detailing its unique attributes (like colour and size), yet linked through the handleId to the main product. This structure is key for Wix to understand and display the product with its variants correctly on your online store.

Both handleId and fieldType are critical in organising your product catalogue effectively in the Wix environment. By understanding and accurately using these fields, you can streamline your product uploads, reduce errors and maintain a well-organised online store.

Remember, while dealing with these fields, attention to detail is key. Consistency in data entry ensures a smoother upload process and more efficient management of your online store.

Creating and managing CSV files for your Wix online store can be a challenging task, especially when ensuring that every detail like handleId and fieldType is accurately captured. The intricacies involved in structuring these files correctly can be overwhelming, particularly for those who are new to e-commerce or have extensive product catalogues.

Recognising this challenge, here at NX Digital we offer a specialised service where we handle the creation and management of CSV uploads for Wix online stores. Our expertise ensures that your product data is organised and uploaded efficiently, reducing errors and saving you valuable time and effort. With our assistance, you can focus more on growing your business while we take care of the complexities of CSV management. Contact us today to find out more about our affordable pricing.

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