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Talens Health Support Services

Project type

Website Design, Online Booking, Blog Development, SEO


October 2022


United Kingdom

Online Counselling & Therapy Services

Talens Health is designed with both the client and therapist in mind. It provides a safe, confidential environment for people seeking online counselling and therapy sessions. We designed a website that is easy to navigate and professional yet welcoming in order to make their clients feel at ease. Talens Health doesn't expect any commitment from its visitors; instead, they offer an accessible service so that everyone can feel supported when they decide to seek help. The goal was to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages users to choose them as their provider of choice. The website includes team member profiles and an online booking system, which includes multi-session booking capabilities. We continue to collaborate with Talens Health Support Services through writing fresh SEO optimised content for their blog and looking after the overall SEO health of their site.

Here's what Tomas, the founder of Talens Health Support Services had to say:

"NX Digital has provided excellent service to our company. Before meeting with Nick, I have been looking for someone who would be able to improve and fix certain issues with our website. Due to our website design and structure, it seemed that most of the companies didn’t know how to improve the website and asked for an unnecessary amount of money for the service. Nick has not only fixed and improved our website, but he also provided one of the best customer services. I was glad to find someone who’s hard-working and cares about the quality of the service.

NX Digital has made all the improvements in 10 days. Even being overly pedantic- I had no comment on improvement. NX Digital have improved: the mobile/desktop version of the website, speed, content, design, keywords, and more. The work was done fast with well-written content. Due to this quality, I asked Nick if he could write some articles to help with our website SEO. All articles written by Nick have been done with great quality and detail. I have received a lot of positive comments about our website from our clients. It also improved our place on google searches. I can’t recommend NX enough."

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