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Canva Essentials for Beauty Businesses: Creating Stunning Graphics and Social Media Designs (beginner to intermediate level)

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Course Details

Think you know everything about creating stunning designs for your beauty business? Think again! The truth is, most businesses are missing out on the real secrets to engaging their audience through visuals. In this course, we're revealing the insider tips and techniques that will transform your approach to design. Get ready to discover the untold strategies that will captivate your followers and skyrocket your business's engagement! This course is for beginners and those with some knowledge but know they could be creating much better designs! Through practical, step-by-step tutorials, you will learn the fundamentals of using Canva's hidden tools and templates. From designing Instagram posts that attract clients to crafting engaging Facebook posts and Pinterest pins, you'll gain essential skills to take your beauty brand to the next level. Join us and discover how to transform your marketing materials with Canva, empowering your beauty business to stand out over your competitors. What You Can Expect: ➤ Video tutorials covering each lesson and topic in detail, allowing you to follow along step-by-step ➤ PDF guides and cheat sheets summarising key concepts, dimensions and best practices for social media platforms ➤ Editable Canva templates for social media posts, promotional flyers, digital ads and more, enabling hands-on practice and customisation ➤ Optional quizzes and assessments to reinforce learning and measure your progress ➤ Access to a community group for discussions, sharing ideas and receiving feedback from peers and instructors What You'll Learn: ➤ The proper way to set up and navigate your Canva account ➤ How to design effective social media posts for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest ➤ How to create promotional materials like flyers, posters, price lists & treatment menus ➤ Customising templates to reflect your brand’s unique style ➤ Best practices for visual storytelling and engagement on social media platforms






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